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PLEASE NOTE  -  due to Covid 19, each client is expected to bring their own personal exercise mat. If you would like, you can purchase a mat from our office.

Yoga 101


Learn the fundamentals of breath, posture, and meditation from the Ashtanga lineage. The postures are given in detailed instruction making this class very accessible for beginners. The postures will build strength in the body while the breath eases the nervous system. 

Ashtanga Yoga Short Form


A 1-hour version of the Ashtanga Primary Series opens with sun salute A and B followed by a standing, seated and finishing sequence in precise order. The vinyasa style class is physically challenging and will strengthen the entire body and nervous system. Modifications will be provided to make the postures accessible for beginners.


Just like its name, this class will focus on the structural alignment and precision of yoga postures. Props such as blocks and straps will aid the student in performing the postures. The class will safety prepare all levels of students for challenging inversions, backbends and other advanced poses.


A flexibility and meditation-focused class with floor poses held for 2-3 minutes. Longer holds allow the deep tissues of the muscles to release while deep breathing relaxes the mind. This class is ideal for the fitness enthusiast or the inactive. Modifications are provided for all flexibility levels.


An all-levels vinyasa flow linking breath with movement. This class will build core strength, improve flexibility and relieve stress.

Private Sessions

Scheduled on an individual basis

Working with Joanna in a one-on-one setting is the safest and most effective way to approach your yoga journey. Great for the students who need extra attention and may be healing from an injury or chronic pain. Learn how to properly breathe and link movement with the breath for a transformative experience.

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