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Elite Aging

Benjamin Franklin is thought to have said that the only certain things in life are death and taxes. Let’s add aging to that list. Aging is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be awful.


Whether you're concerned about weight gain, skin wrinkles, sex drive or chronic disease - healthy aging is a hot topic these days. Modern medicine has increased longevity. People in the US are living much longer, but unfortunately this does not always equate to living well.


For some, aging is a fearful thought.  It is associated with deteriorating mental and physical health and the potential for long-term care. For others, aging is associated with the “golden” years - a happy retirement with more time to relax, spend time with the grandkids or pursue hobbies.


Aging is an intriguing phenomenon. Why is it that one 70-year-old is socially active, plays tennis and enjoys a good quality of life while another requires nursing home placement? How can one older man still jog and swim while another shuffles  stooped over while using a walker?


Wanting to age well is normal and a desirable goal. Just be cautious. An interest in healthy aging may sway you toward anti-aging schemes such as restrictive diets, miracle supplements or expensive, alternative treatments that claim to postpone or even reverse the aging process.


There's no quick fix when it comes to healthy aging. The key to healthy aging is a healthy lifestyle. This includes proper exercise, sustainable healthy eating habits, appropriate age-related supplements, stress management and sleep hygiene. 


Adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is serious business. Very serious. Consider the alternatives. Feeling overwhelmed? Do these lifestyle changes seem too daunting to achieve on your own? Let us help.


Elite Personal Training and Fitness Solutions can help make your senior years something to anticipate, not dread. Call for a healthy aging consultation today!

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