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Hear what our healthcare professionals had to say!

Miriam s.

I really love working out here. I train with Amy three days a week. I have always had an all or nothing attitude towards fitness, alternating between periods of being sedentary to overdoing it. This was ok until my 40s. I was getting heavier and less healthy from not exercising and pain and injuries from overexercising. I needed to reshape not just my body but my attitude towards exercise and how to incorporate it into my life in a healthy and consistent manner in order to improve my overall health and well being. I knew I needed to ditch the group fitness classes that were one size fits all and do something personalized. As a rehabilitation doctor the idea of going to a place that is run by a PT was very appealing, especially since i had neck and shoulder issues and didn’t want to make them worse. Dave did an evaluation and I was very impressed by his sincerity. It’s obvious that he really has a passion for helping people improve their health and function. I started working with Amy a little over a year ago and I adore her! She knows her stuff but she also knows me and can always pick up on how i’m feeling and how to best guide me on a given day. I have had some nice victories, lost a nice bit of weight, went from pre-diabetes to normal A1C, decreased my overall pain, have more energy, a more stable mood and a clearer mind. Best return on investment ever!

Aimee b.
Veterinarian tech

I work as a busy veterinarian tech and got away from exercises that I once loved to do. So I went to the Internet to try to get some exercises to do at home. Three months of doing various at-home exercise videos on YouTube 5x/week didn’t accomplish much of anything.  Six weeks with Amy and I’m seeing results and feeling better than I’ve felt in years.

I am blown away by the quality of the service I’ve received from Elite and by the results I’ve seen in just 6 weeks of VIRTUAL training with Amy! It’s clear that these folks care – about the quality of service they provide and about their clients. From the first session with Dave, who laid out for me how virtual training would work, to the review of my medical/previous injury history, my diet and eating habits, my sleeping patterns, and my own personal goals, to the supplement regimen that Dave recommended (catered to me!), I felt cared for and supported every step of the way.

I was a bit skeptical at first about training virtually…I had very little equipment of my own and I worried about how well this could work, not being there in person. Turns out, Elite really makes virtual training WORK. They sent me a bag of equipment to use at home:  over-the-door resistance bands, sliders, mini-resistance band loops, a foam balance block, push-up bars, TRX-style suspension straps, a yoga mat, and even a tripod for my phone!  All I had to do was get a few dumbbells.


Amy has been a fantastic, supportive trainer.  She encourages, challenges, and motivates me. Most importantly, she clearly knows her stuff and has a real gift for communicating how to correct form and make physical adjustments – not an easy task, over Zoom, but she nails it. She’s always watching, giving me feedback, and asking me questions. Training with her is really fun and I look forward to every session. 


The best part?  In 6 weeks (training 3x/week) I have made progress I never would have thought possible in such a short amount of time:  I’ve increased my plank hold from ~1 min to 4 min. + 24 sec!!!!  I’ve dropped nearly 10 pounds…I’ve gone from being able to do ZERO “real” pushups to doing 3 sets of 7!  I feel strong and stable, I’m sleeping better and feel more alert when I wake up, and I can see muscles starting to emerge in places where there hasn’t been anything for a long time.  :)


If you’re feeling iffy about virtual training, I’m here to tell you it works!  At 50 years old, I cannot believe the positive changes that have taken place so quickly!  I couldn’t be happier or more grateful for this opportunity to be in such great hands and to have an entire program catered to my body, my abilities, my health, and my goals.  Thank you Amy, Dave, and Elite! 

Dr. Ann
Physical therapist

I am a 30-something physical therapist who had undergone knee surgery which required me to be non-weight bearing on that limb for over a month. I lost a considerable amount of strength in my leg muscles and needed rehabilitation in order to return to work with my patients safely and pain-free. I expected to perform the same old same old quad strengthening exercises, and maybe some muscle stimulation treatments, but received much more. I also was working towards my black belt in karate and needed to regain total body conditioning to return to those workouts. Dave worked me hard but with such an innovative routine I looked forward to what his creative mind would come up with next. He got my quads backfiring and had me doing core strengthening that truly changed my shape and workout routines to this day. I am pain-free and stronger than ever. I was able to earn my black belt this summer and want to thank Dave and his staff for their role in that accomplishment!

debbie p.

I am a 35 year- old nurse, and a mother of three children. One year ago, I had varicose vein surgery. As a result of a doctor's mistake, my peroneal nerve which supplies function to my leg and foot was severed. I now have to wear a brace on my leg to be able to walk. Before I went to Dr. Dave my spirit was broken. I didn't know my limitations or capabilities I had to face with my new brace. I was mentally and physically drowning in my sorrow, because I felt stripped of my health, strength, and speed. In addition to my leg, I was treated holistically in mind, body, and spirit. The rehabilitation, physical fitness workouts, and Pilates have made me a stronger, faster, fit person that I have ever been in my life. The nutritional supplements they recommended such as, Accelerade and Enderox enabled me to endure the continual progression of intense workouts. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Dave for giving me my quality of life back and restoring my spirit. I am challenged each and every workout to be the best I can be and my brace is no longer an issue.

vihba b.

I cannot love and recommend this office any more than I already do. I appreciate the positivity, hard work, and ethical and moral values these guys have. They are not here to misguide you. I am a busy dentist with young kids with limited time and I have been through multiple personal trainers at different gyms prior to this and always felt like my trainers were not listening to me and what my goals were. I have changed trainers over the years and that didn’t change much. Personal training at a physical therapy office is not like personal training at a gym. I have had to go through physical therapy off and on due to bulging disc issues after having my first child and would never go to anyone other than Dr. Trumbore. Following up after therapy, I started personal training with Adriene and for the first time, I have a trainer who is interested in my goals and is training me accordingly. I am 21 weeks pregnant and he modifies my plan as needed as my pregnancy is progressing. He explains the reasoning behind each exercise and why we are doing it and how it helps my particular situation, which I love because I have a better understanding of what we are doing. He is very encouraging. There are days I walk into my session dragging my feet because of extreme exhaustion, but I always feel great when I start exercising with Adriene. We listen to great music. The environment is very relaxing unlike being at a gym. Now especially with the pandemic, I feel comfortable going here because he is constantly wiping down surfaces that I touch. We both wear masks and I know they take all the precautions they can take to keep their clients protected. If you are looking to get something out of your time, money and effort call them! You will not regret it.

angela h-e.
research veterinarian

I am a research veterinarian and I injured my left knee so I was looking for a nearby facility that offered strength training with a physical therapy focus. Given my scientific background, I was meticulous and quite particular about who would be treating/training me. This was very important to me in order to ensure proper form when starting to work out again and to have the on-site expertise to prevent further aggravation of my knee issues. While searching the internet late one night, I found Elite. I called the next day and made an appointment with Dave. At my consultation, a thorough strength, mobility, and health assessment was performed. Since January, I have been strength training twice a week with Adriene and it was the best decision I've made! Adriene is very attentive to my form and challenges me (but in a safe way) during my sessions which I love! With the expertise of both Dave and Adriene, they also suggested a taping method for my knee which has significantly improved my confidence and general mobility resulting in less overall pain and allowing me to progress even more in my strength training sessions! I am so happy that I found Elite and wished that I had discovered them sooner!

Irene B.

I am one that always hated to work out however I knew that I needed to make detrimental changes in my lifestyle. I dreaded joining a gym so instead, I decided to give personal training a shot. I couldn’t be happier with not just the results but the staff, they are truly Elite. I was so embarrassed during the initial assessment but 5 months later I couldn’t be more proud. Elite is a completely different level of personal training that is overseen by true professionals that Incorporate and come up with a true personalized plan for each client. My personal trainer, Justin is the most patient, well mannered, genuine soul who truly cares. He pushes me to work hard without ever allowing me to feel like a failure from the first day I joined. I work out 3x/week and look forward to every session. I couldn’t be more grateful and thankful for not just Justin but all the trainers that are always so supportive and caring. I did learn so much along the way from exercise, to food and not to mention the Guru of vitamins-David. Thanks for all you have done and I do love the snacks
Highly recommend to all and such a pleasure to work with.

Vicki E.

After needing spinal fusion surgery at 50 I was very concerned that I wouldn't get back to the high level of activity I enjoy. Physical therapy after surgery only takes you so far. With the help of Amy and Dave at Elite, I can honestly say that I am pain free and stronger than I ever have been. I'm biking, hiking, running and feel GREAT. As a general physician I am always impressed with the attention to form and safety. This group of skilled individuals is top notch!!

mitch b.
Physical therapist

Truly amazing experiences here. The training, the motivation, it's all amazing and helped me reach my goals, as well as continue reaching my goals. I am a physical therapist and wasn’t going to just train anywhere. I feel at home here, and every day am motivated to show up and put my best effort in. Love it, and couldn't recommend Elite enough!!!

Margie s.

I am a busy nurse and when I had a friend tell me that I should train at EPT I didn’t see how I could fit into my schedule. I also thought that distance might be a factor. I need to tell you how amazing Tunde is, I so look forward to doing this, he has a gentle nature that makes you feel all his focus is on you, this already has been an experience beyond anything I have ever done. I'm moved emotionally, and spiritually, I already know my depression episodes are not as frequent. Dr. Dave this man is blessed, and I'm blessed that he is a part of my life. 

ilene b

I can’t say enough positive things about Elite. This place is amazing, full of positive energy, and trainers who encourage, teach, and support whatever goals you have for yourself. My trainer Justin is the most energetic, talented, positive, upbeat trainer with a great sense of humor. Justin is my biggest cheerleader and is always encouraging me to do better. He keeps me motivated by changing up my workout plan every time we meet.


I am a nurse who works near the EPT office and I have been at Elite for almost 5 months I have to say the results I am seeing in my physical appearance have given me more confidence in myself and the desire to train even harder. Justin allows me to push myself at every workout as hard as I can and is constantly watching for proper form to decrease the potential for injury. He is in tune with my energy level and adjusts my workout accordingly to make sure every exercise is done properly. Every few months you will be re-evaluated to see how much progress you have made. A few days ago during my re-evaluation, all the trainers, and clients who were there, were cheering me on to hold a plank as long as I could and not to give up. I surpassed my previous 5-minute plank hold time to a new time of 6 minutes and 5 seconds. (Not too bad for a woman of my age). Thank you Justin for helping me attain my goals and surpass other goals! You and I have been continually raising the bar on my goals and I am meeting them. I could not have done this without you. Thank you to everyone at Elite for all your positive energy and encouragement!

physical therapist

I originally signed up to encourage my daughter to be more active. My daughter was reluctant at first. However, our trainer, Adriene, made training fun and before long, my daughter started looking forward to her training sessions.

Here I am a little over a year later and still training with Elite. As a physical therapist, I appreciate the quality of training that I receive from them. Their program is based on solid scientific foundation for safety and maximum results.

I would also like to give Dave, who heads Elite, a shout out. He is not only an excellent fitness professional but also an excellent physical therapist who generously gave his time to my daughter to help her with some musculoskeletal issues affecting her ability to train.

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