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If you won't make time for wellness, you will soon make more time for illness

Dr. David Trumbore is available for personal and comprehensive Health Coach services for those who are seeking individualized and high-end services to meet their unique needs and goals.

Health coaching is currently a popular service. And while this service can be appealing to those who desire and can afford it, it is typically provided by individuals who lack the education, expertise, training and experience to actually manage the complexities of their client’s health.

Think about it –  people can take an online course and become a certified health coaches in six months. That is obscenely ridiculous! Cosmetology school typically takes 12 to 24 months to complete. Education requirements for a dental hygienist to clean your teeth is three years. But someone, in six months, can become certified to manage the complexities of your health. This is an absurd rip-off as these health coaches function as nothing more than expensive cheerleaders!

Health management requires significant expertise in exercise, nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress management, injury management, nutraceutical supplementation and understanding of pharmacology [medication interactions].

David Trumbore PT, DPT, CSCI, CWT, CPI, CFNP is uniquely equipped to provide comprehensive health and medical management. Dr. Trumbore has over 39 years of experience in the medical field and the health and wellness industry.

We offer completely individualized health and wellness management that is comprehensive and offers support for both medical and wellness-related issues.

Our comprehensive health coaching includes the following:

  • comprehensive initial evaluation including review of: nutrition habits, medical history, surgical history, medications and physical examination with subsequent appropriate fitness testing

  • individualized one-hour personal training sessions three times weekly [$1000 value]

  • ongoing nutritional counseling and weight management

  • nutraceutical supplementation review and recommendation 

  • sleep hygiene management

  • review and discussion of medical conditions, lab results and medications

  • discussion and suggestions both prior and following MD visits

  • available 24/7 to answer your health-related questions

Monthly retainer fee: Please contact our office to discuss this individualized health service

 to meet your unique health and wellness goals

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