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Help! I can't afford your services

The difference between exercise and being trained iS the RESULTS!

  • Personal Training with David Trumbore PT, DPT, CSC, CWT, CPI, CFNP [currently booked]

  • Personal Training with Amy Kha BS, NASM-CPT, Pn1, CFNP 

  • Personal Training with Justin Glose MS, ATC, NSCA-CSCS, CFNP

  • Personal Training with Jon Kernaghan BS, CE-CPT, CFNP

  • Personal Training with Lynette Jernigan BS, ASCS, CFS, NASM-CPT & BCS, CFNP, CIMHP 

  • Personal Training with Matthew Molloy BS, NSCA-CSCS

  • Personal Training with Cassie Tea BS, MS, SCCC

Going Away? Commute too far? Bad weather? Close contact with someone with Covid?

Don’t miss workouts and hinder your progress.

We have you covered with Virtual Training!  Virtual training can fill in the gaps of your in person face-to-face training when circumstances come up that make it difficult to physically attend. Virtual training with us is 1 on 1 training sessions via Zoom or Facetime and we will provide all the equipment for you. The bag of equipment we will provide for you holds a $200+ value that includes resistance bands, suspension straps (TRX), a yoga mat, push-up bars, sliders, balance pad, mini tripod, and a tape measurer!

In an anonymous survey, 100% of our virtual clients voted very likely to recommend EPT.

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Consistency is key to achieving goals and now you don't have to miss a session. Ask your trainer today how you can get started with virtual training!

Many things set us apart and especially our evaluation process!


It is difficult to safely and effectively prescribe, progress, and monitor your exercise program without a detailed assessment of your musculoskeletal condition, health and medical status, medications, eating patterns, current and past injuries, motivation level, and goals.


Your evaluation will include a review of the following: your past medical and surgical history, dietary supplements and medications, eating habits, past or current injuries, and health/fitness goals. This will be followed by a physical examination, musculoskeletal evaluation, and fitness assessment. The evaluation culminates with our detailed discussion of all the results and a game plan to move forward with your personal training.

Therefore, we still encourage clients who require virtual training to come in for a face-to-face initial evaluation and periodic re-evaluations.

If you are unable to be evaluated physically at our office due to distance we will do a modified virtual evaluation.

Initial Examination/Evaluation:  $175.00

After the initial evaluation, we will prescribe, monitor and progress your individualized and goal-specific fitness program. We understand that this involves a considerable commitment of your time, energy and money.


Therefore, we are pleased to offer the following training packages.

(A minimum commitment of 10 training sessions is required). All training sessions are 45 minutes.

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