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Elite Personal Training standards

There is no standard of practice, requisite training, or certification for personal trainers. Nor is there any state licensing or professional organization for oversight. It is hard to believe, but individuals can provide personal training services without any qualifications whatsoever – just like someone who cuts your grass.

This is bizarre! The complexities of prescribing and progressing an exercise program for an individual given all their unique physiological needs requires significant training in biomechanics, kinesiology, musculoskeletal assessment, and exercise science. The person who cuts your hair must be formally trained and pass a state certification to demonstrate competence. Ironically, a personal trainer does not.

The personal training field is often comprised of individuals who are well-built but lack formal education. Other individuals obtain basic certification through a brief online course, while others have more substantial certifications.

All EPT trainers are truly “Elite.” There is no personal training or health and wellness facility that comes remotely close to our standards or that achieves our results.

Requirements for Our Trainers

  1. Must have a minimum of a Bachelor of Science degree in either kinesiology or exercise science/physiology.

  2. Must be a Certified Functional Nutritionist.

  3. Must be certified through NSCA [National Strength and Conditioning Association] and/or NASM [National Academy of Sports Medicine]. Both organizations provide stringent curriculum and examination competency testing.

Actually, all our trainers have multiple personal training certifications and other professional degrees. These include:

  1. CSCS        [Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist]

  2. CPT           [Certified Personal Trainer]

  3. ATC           [Certified Athletic Trainer]

  4. CFNP        [Certified Functional Nutritionist Professional]

  5. Pn1            [Precision Nutrition Certified Exercise Nutritionist]

  6. USAW1     [Certified USA Weightlifting Coach]

  7. ASCS        [Applied Sensory and Consumer Scientist]

  8. CFS           [Certified Food Scientist]

  9. BCS           [Behavioral Change Specialist]

  10. CIMHP      [Certified Integrative Mental Health Provider]

  11. TSAC-F     [Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator]

All trainers go through meticulous pre-screening as well as a series of intense interviews The goal is to ensure that their outstanding credentials are matched by a dynamic personality. Our staff are excellent motivators. Just read their testimonials.

Each trainer is directly supervised by David Trumbore PT, DPT, CSCI, CWT, CPI, CFNP. Staff development includes weekly staff client review meetings, continuing education classes and ongoing mentoring from Dr. Trumbore.

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