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Vitamin/Supplement Consultation

Vitamins and pills

We are excited to offer our comprehensive evaluation and recommendation for nutritional supplements to aid you in your wellness journey!


Nutraceutical products (vitamins and nutritional supplements) are a very important part of maintaining wellness and achieving your health-related goals. HOWEVER, the nutraceutical industry is largely unregulated which presents the consumer with enormous obstacles including:


  1. Manufacturers typically claim many benefits from taking their products which often are not true.

  2. Product interaction with other supplements and medications are seldom scientifically studied and even less so reported. This leaves the consumer in the dark as to how the products will interact with other supplements or medications.

  3. Batch to batch inconsistencies –  independent testing frequently reveals a wide variety of inconsistencies of ingredients and potency between batches of pills/capsule/powders.

  4. Independent consumer lab testing frequently reveals impurities in nutritional products.


So, the consumer is left blindly purchasing products hoping that they are safe and that they won’t get ripped off!


That is where Elite Personal Training and Fitness Solutions can help. When you schedule a nutraceutical consultation with us, we will evaluate your past medical history, dietary habits, medication regimen, current supplementation (if any) and fitness/health goals.


At the conclusion of your evaluation, we will prescribe a supplementation program designed specifically for you. This will include the recommendation of nutraceutical products, a review of their scientifically proven effects and dosage recommendation.


Please note - we are not selling you vitamins or supplements! We will recommend the products and brands you should take, why you should take them and what dosages you should take. This will allow you to search for the best possible pricing thus removing any doubt of bias in our recommendations. 


Our recommendations are based on review of current scientific research, understanding of pharmacology and physiology as well as consultation with independent consumer labs that test nutraceutical products.


The cost for the initial consultation, nutraceutical recommendation and follow-up support is $175. This will provide you with a lifetime of peace of mind knowing that you are taking appropriately prescribed supplements that are safe for you and will promote wellness.


Schedule your consultation with David Trumbore PT, DPT, CSCI, CWT, CPI, CFNP today!  

Consultation, supplement prescription with follow up  $175.00

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