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In an anonymous survey, 100% of our virtual clients voted very likely to recommend EPT.

Aimee T.

Three months of doing various at-home exercise videos on YouTube 5x/week didn’t accomplish much of anything.  Six weeks with Amy and I’m seeing results and feeling better than I’ve felt in years.


I am blown away by the quality of the service I’ve received from Elite and by the results I’ve seen in just 6 weeks of VIRTUAL training with Amy! It’s clear that these folks care – about the quality of service they provide and about their clients. From the first session with Dave, who laid out for me how virtual training would work, to the review of my medical / previous injury history, my diet and eating habits, my sleeping patterns, and my own personal goals, to the supplement regimen that Dave recommended (catered to me!), I felt cared for and supported every step of the way.


I was a bit skeptical at first about training virtually…I had very little equipment of my own and I worried about how well this could work, not being there in person. Turns out, Elite really makes virtual training WORK. They sent me a bag of equipment to use at home:  over-the-door resistance bands, sliders, mini-resistance band loops, a foam balance block, push-up bars, TRX-style suspension straps, a yoga mat and even a tripod for my phone!  All I had to do was get a few dumbbells.


Amy has been a fantastic, supportive trainer.  She encourages, challenges, and motivates me. Most importantly, she clearly knows her stuff and has a real gift for communicating how to correct form and make physical adjustments – not an easy task, over Zoom, but she nails it. She’s always watching, giving me feedback and asking me questions. Training with her is really fun and I look forward to every session.  


The best part?  In 6 weeks (training 3x/week) I have made progress I never would have thought possible in such a short amount of time:  I’ve increased my plank hold from ~1 min to 4 min. + 24 sec!!!!  I’ve dropped nearly 10 pounds…I’ve gone from being able to do ZERO “real” pushups to doing 3 sets of 7!  I feel strong and stable, I’m sleeping better and feel more alert when I wake up, and I can see muscles starting to emerge in places where there hasn’t been anything for a long time.  :)


If you’re feeling iffy about virtual training, I’m here to tell you it works!  At 50 years old, I cannot believe the positive changes that have taken place so quickly!  I couldn’t be happier or more grateful for this opportunity to be in such great hands and to have an entire program catered to my body, my abilities, my health and my goals.  Thank you Amy, Dave and Elite! 

Vince G.

I can’t say enough about the staff and experience at Elite - I’ve been virtually training with them for the better part of a year so far. Since training with the team, I feel much stronger and healthier than I did before. I’ve learned so much about how to work out, and I’ve gotten tons of useful info on the mechanics, science, and nutrition behind the operation of the body. Couldn’t recommend Elite more - sign up and you’ll thank yourself later!


I was a bit skeptical about virtual training because nothing is as good as being in the gym and boy was I in for a surprise! Not only did virtual training keep me accountable all summer long, but I even had strength and endurance gains!! I’m now a huge virtual fan for anytime I can’t make it in but want to keep my workouts strong. Love Elite!!!

Ryan c.

I started working out again in my early 30’s. I was always athletic and played a lot of sports growing up.  After college and working full time, working out and physical activity decreased exponentially. Working out with Joel and Elite really helped me get back into working out. With a heavy workload, a new house, and a new baby at home, working out seemed like an afterthought. Elite was able to set me up with a home workout that is done virtually and gave me a little kit with some gear. I have been working out a couple days a week for about 5 months now and have noticed that I feel a lot better, have more energy, better posture, etc. I can honestly say I was not expecting any real quality or results from working out at home but I’ve never been happier to be proven wrong. 

As I have been working out more, I am starting to build up a little home gym for myself and am able to bounce ideas off Joel to see what’s the next piece of equipment I should get and how I can be the most efficient with buying new workout equipment.

Another great aspect of the Elite program is that we take measurements and conduct evaluations routinely so you can really see the progress that is made both in amount of reps or weight as well as the physical changes that happen to your body overtime.


I have been amazed at how affective the virtual format has been with personal training. My trainer is very attentive to proper positioning and is always giving me guidance and encouragement. It has been very easy to work with my cell phone camera and now the new self tracking camera. The virtual format allows my training to easily accommodate my work schedule. I highly recommend the virtual format!!

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