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Jonathan Kernaghan BS, CE-CPT, CFNP

Jon earned his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from West Chester University. He is also a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (CE-CPT).

Following graduation, Jon earned his Functional Nutrition Certification (CFNP). This certification allows Jon to provide nutritional counseling from a holistic perspective.​

Instead of rigid and fad diets that in the end fail, he helps clients make permanent nutritional changes by developing healthy eating habits that are scientifically accurate and clinically proven while being sustainable.

Jon has a diverse clientele which allows him to utilize his knowledge of musculoskeletal systems to analyze each client's abilities while training.

Before joining the EPT team in 2023, Jon worked as a Corporate Fitness Manager and Personal


Trainer in Philadelphia at One Liberty Place. He managed the corporate fitness center, constructing personal training programs, and teaching group exercise classes.

Jon was a youth coach for The Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation and has merged his love of hockey with his passion for exercise.

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