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Experience renewal and tranquility at Elite Personal Training and Fitness Solutions. Book a massage today with our experienced Massage Therapist.


Hands on touch can be a powerful addition to your wellness routine. Our expert massage therapist is dedicated to providing you with a rejuvenating experience that soothes both body and mind.


The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage improves circulation, decreases inflammation, reduces stress and fatigue, promotes better sleep quality, eases muscle pain and tension, reduces soreness and stiffness, provides relief from headaches and back pain, can improve recovery times from both training and injury and therefore enhance athletic performance and overall well-being.


Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you seek relief from chronic pain, relaxation after a long day, or a pampering treat, our massage treatments are customized to meet your unique needs and preferences.

You're in Good Hands

Our experienced and licensed massage therapist combines skill and attentiveness to deliver personalized treatments that leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.


Book Your Appointment Today

Treat yourself to the ultimate restorative experience. Call us now to schedule your massage therapy session and embark on a journey to wellness.

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Massage Services

Therapeutic Massage
Combination of Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release and restorative techniques designed to provide deep release to help you feel your best. Your session is fully customizable.

One Hour Massage Therapy Session $110

90-minute massage therapy session $150

Sports Massage
Whether you're seeking faster recovery after training or are preparing for an event, relieves soreness and improves performance.  With added focus on stretching and stimulating muscle groups to body areas utilized in your sport and fitness routine.

One Hour Massage Therapy Session $120

90-minute massage therapy session $160

Pre/Postnatal Massage
Prenatal treatment provides much-needed relaxation and relief from pain, fatigue and other commonly occurring issues for expecting moms. Utilizes careful considerations for safety and comfortable placement system. Postnatal treatment can help you recover faster from pregnancy and address soreness associated with birth and childcare.

One Hour Massage Therapy Session $120

90-minute massage therapy session $160

Add Ons:

Muscle Recovery Massage (+$30)
This treatment provides release of sore or injured muscles in need of extra care. With specific focus on problem body areas using hot towels and therapeutic massage with warming soft tissue massage oil (Prossage). Treatment is finished with application of (Biofreeze) pain relief gel to targeted areas.

Hot Stone Massage (+$30)
Full body massage incorporating hot stones used to deeply penetrate and revive sore muscles. With additional restorative stone placement to help you feel utmost relaxation.

Hot Stone Mini (+$20)
Therapeutic Massage session with the addition of hot stones on targeted body areas.

Cupping (+$30)
This technique utilizes a vacuum force to provide a negative pressure form of myofascial release. Excellent for relieving persistent problem areas, trigger points, and tissues with excessive inflammation or adherence. 


Welcome to the wonderful world of massage. If you’ve never had one, you’re in for a real treat. And if you HAVE had one, you already know it’s going to feel great! Read on for some helpful Q&A.

Q: Must I make an appointment?

A: Yes. Scheduling facilitates planning. Certain treatments, such as Hot Stone or Prenatal, require time to prepare.


Same day/ last-minute appointments are occasionally available and will be accommodated if possible. However, there are no guarantees.


Thank you for making appointments in advance. That is always preferable and greatly appreciated.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes early. This is especially important for your first session. Early arrival allows for discussion before the massage gets underway.


Q: What can I expect?

A: New clients must complete an intake form that provides basic health information and identifies potential risks. During the intake, let the therapist know your wishes. Be as specific as possible. Include areas that need special attention and/or areas to avoid.

The therapist will leave the room briefly so you can undress and get comfortable between the sheets. The starting position can be face up or face down.

The therapist will advise when to change positions. She will check in with you about how certain areas feel and ask if the pressure is too soft. too hard or just right. Throughout the session, please let the therapist know if any adjustments are needed. The goal is for your massage to be as relaxing as possible.


Q: What do I wear? Must I be completely undressed?

A: Undress to your comfort level. Some like to be nude, while others prefer underwear. Except for the area being worked on, you are completely covered by a sheet.

Be advised that for certain areas, such as the glutes, it is more effective to work directly on the skin. Proper draping techniques will be used to ensure your modesty and comfort.

With certain types of massage, such as Sports Massage, or for specific target areas (adductors, abdomen, pecs etc.), you may be asked to bring/ wear a pair of shorts or a sports bra.

Would you prefer to be more fully clothed? No problem. Just let the therapist know. She can work through or around the clothes.


Q: How should I feel after a massage?

A: You should feel calm and relaxed after your session. Those with muscle pain often feel relief within a few hours. Others may experience immediate relief that lasts for days.

Some people feel slightly sore after deep tissue work, like completing a strenuous workout. To counteract soreness, stay well hydrated before and after your session.

Do not bear pain in silence. Speak up right away. The therapist can adjust the pressure or technique, but only if you communicate.


Q: Am I supposed to tip for a massage session?

A: A gratuity is never required but is much appreciated. If you enjoyed your massage, average tips range from 10-25%.


Q: How often are massages recommended?

A: Weekly massages are recommended for relief from an injury, chronic tension, chronic pain, or specific problem areas.

Treatments will be more effective if you don't allow time to fall back into patterns that may be contributing to your issues. Once you feel an ongoing benefit, you may opt for a maintenance routine. Consider switching to every two weeks or once a month.  


Q: Can I/ should I talk during a massage?

A: You can talk as much or as little as you want. Your therapist will typically avoid making conversation not related to the session, but if it helps you relax, please feel free to chat. This is your session, so the goal is to accommodate you. During the session, please communicate anything that would make you more comfortable.


Q: Can I still get a massage if I'm pregnant or recently gave birth?

A: Absolutely. Your massage therapist is trained in safely accommodating expecting mothers during all trimesters of pregnancy and postnatal recovery.

Pre/postnatal women are often discouraged from receiving treatments, but they often need the most relief. There may be some medical considerations and high-risk factors that are contraindications to massage, such as preeclampsia, blood clots, etc. but with proper precautions, many discomforts of pregnancy can be alleviated by massage.  

You may be asked to get medical approval before receiving a massage. Be aware that certain treatments, such as Hot Stone massage, are not recommended. Also, deep pressure at certain points on the body will be avoided.

Post-natal massages are available as soon as you feel ready. In almost every instance, there is something that can provide relaxation and promote recovery for new mothers.


Q: When should I not receive a massage?

A: Please do not schedule a massage if you have a fever, cold or flu, or any communicable illness/ skin conditions. If you have made an appointment and then find you have any of these issues, please reschedule.


If you have cancer, we will require clearance from your doctor. It is not recommended to receive a massage unless you are in remission.

If you have uncontrolled hypertension or have had recent surgery or an acute injury, we may require approval from your doctor. For many acute injuries and local skin issues such as wounds or bruises, it is sufficient to avoid the area.

Please inform your therapist of your recent health status. Often there are simple modifications to make your treatment safe and effective. When deemed necessary, the therapist may ask for your doctor’s approval.

Keep this important information in mind and ENJOY your massage experience!

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