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Philosophy of Training

The pursuit of health and fitness can be confusing!


It seems there is always a special program, piece of magical equipment or app that is being touted as the quick and easy solution to your wellness needs. These marketing schemes are often ineffective, unsustainable, unsafe and sometimes downright wacky!


Elite Personal Training and Fitness Solutions gives you a scientific and effective alternative. We provide you with expert and science-based personal training that is specifically designed for your current needs and then progressed as you make improvement.


Many things set us apart and especially our evaluation process!


It is not possible to safely and effectively prescribe, progress and monitor your exercise program without a detailed assessment of your musculoskeletal condition, health and medical status, medications, eating patterns, current and past injuries, motivation level and goals.

Your evaluation will include a review of the following: your past medical and surgical history, dietary supplements and medications, eating habits, past or current injuries and health/fitness goals. This will be followed by a physical examination, musculoskeletal evaluation and fitness assessment. The evaluation culminates with our detailed discussion of all the results and a game plan to move forward with your personal training.


Our programs are delivered with the highest level of expertise and are comprehensive lifestyle plans. Our training includes:

  • resistance exercises (weights, dumbbells, tubes, bands, machines, and core balls)

  • working on flexibility (stretching)

  • functional training (emphasis on the core and body mechanics)

  • cardiovascular conditioning

  • nutrition counseling (eating sensibly without hopping on the diet bandwagon)

  • supplement recommendations


Our high-end training is goal-specific and safety-oriented. Rather than performing standard or "cookbook" exercises, you will receive an individual program that provides the maximum return for achieving YOUR goals. 


While we have the scientific background and expertise to know how to create and manage your fitness training, we also consider your thoughts, feelings and perspectives as we develop an individualized approach for you. Your input is critical in helping us design an ever-changing program that can meet your fitness, health and nutritional needs.


Training at Elite Personal Training and Fitness Solutions will help you lose body fat, build muscle, enhance athletic performance and improve your overall health. Our programs will lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes, improve your mobility and balance, reduce your risk of injury and make you feel and look better!


The difference between working out on your own and being trained is the RESULTS! 


Come train with us and finally succeed in changing your health!

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