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Aimee B.

I’m so glad I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Dave to discuss supplements!


After doing several elimination diets at my GP’s recommendation over the past year and half, the going theory was that I must have IBD. I had tried probiotics without noticing any improvement, and so I’d begun to think I’d just have to live with stomach pain and diarrhea for the rest of my life. Not so! Working with Dr. Dave to manage my “gut microbiota” has been a game – no, a life-changer for me. I feel normal again for the first time in years.


Better at 50 years old than I’ve felt in a couple of decades. Needless to say, I’m now a believer in what good, well-researched and high-quality supplements can do for me and I’m not going back!  Feeling this good is worth whatever it takes.  


I’d been on the fence about them in the past…open to the idea, but overwhelmed by the choices. What do I really need (or not), and how am I supposed to know? What brands are reputable? Are supplements even necessary if I already eat a very clean, healthy diet?  I felt I had no one to trust to answer these questions or give me guidance – that is, until now.


Dr. Dave explained that as we age we are no longer as able to digest or absorb nutrients as well as we once were…this combined with the fact that most food / produce we buy in stores has already lost a lot of nutritional value by the time it reaches those stores means that unfortunately it’s really difficult to get everything we need from diet alone. 


I like that he personally researches supplements and the companies who make them to take the guesswork out of.  Best of all, Dr. Dave’s recommendations were based on MY specific needs – not some generic suggestion for “what a 50-year-old female should take.”  His recommendations were based on my medical assessment, which included my diet, sleep patterns, stress levels, physical activity, health issues, age, gender, family history, and more.  Because of this, I was willing to   – and I’m SO glad I did.


After a few months of taking a high-quality probiotic as well as several other supplements, I am feeling less tired, more mentally sharp, my stamina has increased, I’m sleeping better and feeling more awake when I get up, I’m handling stress better, and best of all – my digestion has significantly improved.  


Thanks, Dr. Dave!

Janine r.

I recently completed the Nutritional Counseling at Elite PT and I highly recommend. I’m approaching 60 and figured it was now or never to clean up my eating habits. I also had some recent health issues and wanted to eat cleaner and strengthen my body.

I learned a lot about the way the body processes what we put into it. The most beneficial aspect of Nutritional Counseling at Elite for me was the personalized information sessions AND having access to my trainer for any questions that come up regarding my specific eating habits and guidance on what foods to buy and prepare. I would highly recommend Elite for both personal training and nutritional education. I feel Elite is my partner in the overall healthy lifestyle I am embracing.


I am in my 30s and am athletic and train hard. I felt that my progress had plateaued and was frustrated. I met with Dr. Trumbore who reviewed my eating patterns. He said something that was poignant and really change my thinking. He said, “no amount of hard training will outdo a bad diet”.

We made changes in my eating patterns. And perhaps, most importantly, he recommended a complete supplement regimen that was individually tailored to me. I noticed immediate benefits as I reached my target weight and improve my strength and athletic performance. Post recovery drink made all the difference in how I felt after training.

I highly recommend a consultation regarding a nutrition and supplementation with Dr. Trumbore.


I am in my 60s and have been training with Dave three times a week for several years. After training for a while, we began discussing nutrition and supplementation. Dave made some adjustments in my eating patterns and prescribed an entire supplementation program to help fuel my workouts, speed recovery, lower cholesterol/lipids, strengthen my immune system and improve my energy and overall health.

The combination of training and supplementation has been life altering!

I highly recommend Dave for both personal training and for supplement prescription!


Have a conversation with Dr. Dave, ask him a question, or read what he regularly posts on the website, and you’ll see what I mean. Based on my own experience, I have come to trust Dr. Dave more than any other medical professional I have known. I would confidently and highly recommend a consultation with him to anyone who has health concerns, or to anyone who simply has an interest in looking and feeling better


I was relatively healthy and fit until a few years ago, when I faced an unexpected health crisis. Although medical intervention quickly resolved the condition, I was left with a host of lingering, ongoing, chronic symptoms that had a substantial impact on my overall health. Consultations with doctors unfortunately resulted in no real explanations as to why I was feeling the way I was feeling or any helpful suggestions for how to manage or eliminate the symptoms.

That changed when I was recently fortunate enough to begin training at Elite. In one single conversation during the initial evaluation with Dr. Dave, he offered a detailed explanation, based on pure physiology, of how the treatment I needed to recover from the health crisis would have unfortunately also wreaked havoc on my system and was the likely contributor to many of the symptoms I was experiencing.


Although I was happy to finally have a real reason for how I was feeling, Dr. Dave still had more to offer and scheduled for us to meet again for a nutrition and supplement consultation. During that consult, Dr. Dave explained why the theory that you can get all the nutrients you need by simply eating the right foods isn’t accurate and provided updated information on nutritional needs that go far beyond the antiquated RDA standards. He explained the key role digestion and a healthy gut play in overall health. He talked about other supplements that target concerns such as stress, pain, inflammation, and aging. As if that wasn’t helpful enough, he also discussed specific supplements that could actually aid in repairing the damage that was done to my system a few years ago. He followed up with a prioritized list of recommendations tailored to my specific needs and concerns. Even though it’s been a very short amount of time since I’ve been taking the supplements, I am already experiencing some benefits.

Information on nutrition and supplements can be overwhelming, contradictory, and downright confusing. Dr. Dave does the hard work for you and makes unbiased recommendations based on actual research and data from clinical trials, not on anecdotal statements, survey results, popular trends, or fads. Everything he talks about is based on his extensive education and training, and on real science. The wealth of knowledge he possesses is astounding.


Have a conversation with him, ask him a question, or read what he regularly posts on the website, and you’ll see what I mean. Based on my own experience, I have come to trust Dr. Dave more than any other medical professional I have known. I would confidently and highly recommend a consultation with him to anyone who has health concerns, or to anyone who simply has an interest in looking and feeling better


A few years ago I tore my meniscus in my left knee. I had surgery to repair the damage. A year later I tore the meniscus in my right knee and once again I needed surgery. I completed physical therapy after each surgery and had high expectations that I would return to my normal exercise routine and daily life activities. Unfortunately the surgeries did not meet my high expectations. Both knees continued to stiffen and pain had become my norm. Needless to say I became increasingly frustrated and discouraged. I am a 57 year old grandmother of two small boys and always wanted to play an active role in my grandchildren's lives. With my knees being the way they were I began to think my "good days" were now behind me. A friend offered some advice and told me I could purchase a supplement called Glucosamine from my local neighborhood store. Feeling desperate I bought a bottle of what I now know was "useless" and had very little improvement. After listening to my history, Dr. Trumbore introduced me to a supplement regimen. More specifically he advised me to take a combination of supplements for my knees. After only one week I noticed significant improvement. The stiffness and pain felt as if it were fading away and I no longer had these two debilitating issues. I was amazed and quite honestly overjoyed. Dr. Trumbore is extremely knowledgeable. He has done extensive research on which supplements are of the highest quality and which ones work best for the needs of each individual. Dr. Trumbore took the time to listen to my concerns. He answered all of my questions and was happy to help me find the right supplements and vitamins to be and feel my best. I would highly recommend anyone to go and talk with him about any concerns they might have about their own physical well-being. Dr. Trumbore gave me back the lifestyle I once had. I feel great and I now can do anything and everything I want to do without hesitation. Thank you Dr. You truly are the best!!


We all know how to eat, more importantly, we all know how not to eat. But why? Amy gave me insight into how nutrition works, what my body needs, and how to think about foods. With a review of my normal diet as a guide, she explained the pros and cons of it along with what I should consider changing. With a warm smile, she did this with no judgement – there are neither saintly foods nor evil ones.


With understanding from nutrition sessions with Amy, I can see how foods impact my health. This gives me the opportunity to choose with knowledge.

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