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Weight Loss and Weight Management Prescription Counseling


If you are like most Americans, you have attempted to lose weight. You have tried the latest diets, taken the advice of a friend who lost weight and have listened to the celebrity and fitness gurus. But unfortunately, you have either been unable to lose weight or lost weight only to gain it back - and then some.


Weight loss is a complicated and complex topic and requires management, oversight and accountability in many aspects of life.


David Trumbore PT, DPT, CSCI, CWT, CPI, CFNP can help you finally succeed! He is an expert in the science of weight management and has created and taught a trademark seminar called Why You Are Not Losing Weight.™ 


After a thorough evaluation which includes review of your past medical history, current eating patterns, medications and supplements, exercise program (if any) and goals, Dr. Trumbore will prescribe and monitor individualized and goal-specific healthy eating patterns, nutritional supplementation and exercise.

Initial Consultation – $175


Counseling/Support Sessions – $100/hour

Miriam first came to us with the goal of wanting to improve her exercise habits so she could feel and move better. She initially came in with myofascial pain syndrome in the upper trapezius which often gave her severe headaches. On top of this, she was pre-diabetic and had a torn pectoral muscle from the summer before. She had an all-or-nothing attitude towards fitness especially since she was used to those boot camp classes where they run you through the ground and acquired pain and injuries from it.

Miriam is a rehab physician so she understands the importance of her health and how exercising regularly along with managing her nutrition will help her live a higher quality life. Since training at EPT, exercise has become a habit for her because she no longer has any complaints of myofascial pain and headaches are a rare occasion! Not only has she been able to manage her weight but also decreased by 5.5 inches in her waist. Best of all, her A1C levels went from pre-diabetic (5.7) to the normal range (5.2)! Miriam’s consistency and hard work ethic have earned her August 2021 Client of The Month (Check out our website to read more). Some of her wins include going from 1:40s. to 4:31s. plank and 0 to 20 pushups with good form due to her working and strengthening her muscle imbalances.


When you marry the concepts of consistency in training and nutrition, you get results like Miriam. She’s decreased her overall pain while increasing energy, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and living a higher quality life!

Our client Steve first started training with us in August 2021. When he came in, he had described himself as being a mess in terms of the way he ate, the lack of exercise, and being at a desk majority of the time due to his work. He developed high blood pressure and had other orthopedic conditions that caused him to have some pain and decreased mobility when doing certain movements.


Steve’s eating habits were extremely unhealthy but he came in with the goals of wanting to lose weight, get off the blood pressure medicine, gain strength, and manage his eating patterns in a sustainable way.


Steve is the epitome of what consistency is since training at EPT. He has lost 40+ pounds resulting in a 6-inch decrease in the waist! His mobility, cardiovascular health, and strength have all improved in great strides because he always puts in 110% each training session.


Also, a big part of the progress he made was how he was able to maintain a sustainable eating pattern even now until today. His hard work and consistency have awarded him November 2021 Client of The Month (Check out our website to read more of his accomplishments). He is just a great human being to work with because he is always up for the challenge (see our challenge board and what he's in the lead in)!

Steve has achieved phenomenal results and is continually doing so with his dedication and consistency!

Aimee T - Progress photos .png

Our client Aimee first started training with us in March 2022. An interesting thing is that she is a virtual client that trains 3 times a week! She was a bit skeptical at first about how training only virtually would get her any progress having very little equipment and no in-person interaction. After having the initial consultation, receiving the bag of equipment EPT sent to her, and breaking down how the process would go with her trainer, in just 6 weeks, she had made progress she would never have thought was possible.


In those first 6 weeks of consistent training and already impeccable eating habits, she dropped 9 lbs and decreased her waist circumference by 2.5 inches. Not only did she achieve this but also improved her strength and endurance goals by going from 0 pushups to 28 pushups with good form and also increasing her plank from just under 2 minutes to over 7 minutes!

Aimee had watched various at-home exercise videos on YouTube and they didn’t accomplish much of anything. However, after 6 weeks of virtual training, she said "I’m seeing results and feeling better than I’ve felt in years." Consistency is key and she is continually progressing in all areas of fitness.

Aimee's results were truly amazing because of her motivation, commitment, and great work ethic!

Karen first came to EPT for an initial consultation in January 2021. She was discouraged and frustrated that she had “let herself go” and was feeling the consequences physically and emotionally. She developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, depression, and significant cardiovascular issues. Additionally, she had multiple orthopedic surgical procedures in the past that left her confused and leery as to how to move forward regarding exercise. Karen’s eating habits had become exceedingly unhealthy. Additionally, at the time of her initial evaluation, she was taking six different types of medication


Karen came to EPT with the goals of wanting to lose weight, strengthening her muscles, and becoming healthier overall.


Karen's story is nothing short of amazing! In six weeks of eating properly and diligently and training at EPT, she was able to drop one clothing size, discontinue her blood pressure medicine, and developed noticeable gains in balance and muscle tone.


In six short weeks, Karen transitioned from being depressed to being encouraged and proud that she was featured on our website as our March 2021 Client of The Month. Karen was wonderful to work with due to her great worth ethic and sense of humor throughout her training.


Ultimately, Karen lost 70+ pounds and radically changed her health profile. She felt better, look better, and no longer required her prescription medications!


Karen’s results were amazing because her effort, commitment, dedication, and perseverance were amazing!

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