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  • Personal Training with David Trumbore PT

    Initial examination from Dr. Trumbore which include the following: review of past medical history, medication regimen, nutritional supplements, fitness goals and musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and fitness assessment. After the initial examination, Dr. Trumbore will prescribe a high-end and goal-specific fitness program. All training sessions will be with Dr. Trumbore.

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  • Massage Testimonials | Elite Fitness

    Testimonials WRITE A REVIEW DJ I scheduled a 90-minute therapeutic massage with Amy for chronic neck pain and sore legs after a long hike. I’m so glad that I did! Time Well spent! Money Well Spent! Amy is very professional and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. She combined deep tissue massage, myofascial and trigger point release techniques, stretching and relaxing massage techniques all in one session. Probably the best massage I ever got, and I felt amazing afterwards. The soreness in my legs was almost gone and I had less neck pain with more range of motion. It was both therapeutic and relaxing at the same time and I had to struggle not to fall asleep I was so relaxed. I will definitely schedule more sessions. Amy J. I recently had a massage session with Amy, and I must say it was one of the best experiences I've had. Her knowledge and skill of myofascial release techniques were incredibly soothing and effective at relieving tension in my muscles. Amy was also very attentive to my specific needs and ensured that I was comfortable throughout the entire session. Not only did she give an exceptional massage, but she also gave some insight on where my problems areas are and what needed to be worked on in the future. I left feeling rejuvenated and looking forward to my next appointment with her. Highly recommend! gary s. I really appreciated Amy's work freeing up my super tight psoas issue. Freeing up the psoas was the first domino to fall to make progress in my hip flexor and abductor areas. The combination of yoga and massage treatment is great and I would be further along if I could do it more often. My massage was always great! I look forward to booking more massages to relax, not just to treat a specific issue. Jon K. I scheduled a 60-minute massage with Amy and it was the best massage I have ever received. Amy is extremely knowledgeable, and I can tell she cares about her clients. She's the real deal! I have been dealing with a shoulder impingement for months and after just 1 session, I can already feel a difference! I can't wait for my next massage with Amy! Matt m. I scheduled a massage with Amy to get some work done on my lower back which is generally stiff/sore from strength sports. She personalized the session exactly to my needs and focused in on my exact problem areas, and I felt fantastic afterwards. Incredibly knowledgeable in her field, I am looking forward to scheduling with her again! Colleen G. I recently had a massage with Amy, and it was wonderful. It was very relaxing, and she focused on my problem areas and relieved tension and stress. I felt comfortable and she communicated throughout the massage. I would highly recommend scheduling a massage with her whether it’s for relaxation or to relieve pain. I will be scheduling with Amy soon. Mary s. Amy is an amazing massage therapist. I've been a client of Amy's for over 12 years. She always takes the time to first discuss any physical issues that I'm experiencing and proposes a treatment plan for what would be the best healing option for each session. There are times when I am in severe pain and need deep tissue sculpting; other times I've benefited from Myofacial Release for anxiety and muscle release. I also thoroughly enjoy Amy's extremely relaxing hot stone therapy. It is clear that Amy has a full understanding of anatomy and how muscles, tissue, ligaments, etc. are all interconnected and how injuries and stress cause breakdowns in optional health. Amy will recommend seeing another healthcare professional if she feels that an injury or situation needs further evaluation. I fully trust Amy's expertise as a member of my healthcare team. sumana r. Amy has been an instrumental party of my healing - internal and external spiritual evolution. More people should benefit from her gifts. Cassie t. I recently had the pleasure of receiving a massage from Amy Goldman, and the experience was exceptional. She expertly eased the muscle knots and tension that had been troubling me for weeks, providing much-needed relief. Her warm and professional demeanor made me feel instantly comfortable and at ease. Overall, the session left me feeling rejuvenated and significantly less stressed. I highly recommend Amy to anyone in need of first-class massage therapy. John m. I'm dealing with scoliosis, and shifted discs at L3, L4 and sought relief from nagging aches. Amy is able to give me temporary relief and I'm very satisfied with her treatments. Ramona N. I recently had the pleasure of a 90-minute massage with Amy Goldman. What a great experience. I live a good 90 minutes from EPT, but the trip to see her was well worth it. I’ve had massages locally on a fairly regular basis for over a decade due to chronic back and hip pain stemming from a fall and a surgery that did not go well. While all my massages were good, this one was superlative. ​ Amy did everything I asked and more. I am a big fan of gua sha, but it is hard to find practitioners who offer it. Amy combined this gentle scraping technique with some pretty intense trigger point and deep tissue work. To be honest, this type of massage can be painful, but it is the kind of pain that feels wonderful after the pressure lets up. It’s both a relief and a release - hard to describe unless you experience it yourself. ​ From her comments and explanations, it was clear that Amy has extensive knowledge of anatomy. Quite literally, I was in good hands. If you’ve never had a massage, go for one and you’ll be hooked. If you’ve had lots of massages before, come find out what a great one feels like! Either way, you’ll come away happy and relaxed.

  • 2024 Health Topics | Elite Fitness

    1/1 - Winter is Coming... Be Prepared 1/8 - Nutrition - Your Next Step 1/15 - Brain Health 1/22 - Muscle Soreness: Everything You Need to Know 1/29 - Functional Nutritionist vs. The Other Guys 2/5 - Kitchen Gadgets...Gimmick or Good Buy? 2/12 - The Scoop on Poop 2/19 - Commitment Over Motivation 5/27 - Ozempic, Is it Right for You? 6/3 - Happy Gut 6/10 - Exercise Helps Manage Mental Health 6/17 - Detraining 6/24 - Depression and Anxiety 7/1 - Complete Sun Protection 7/8 - Black Garlic for Heart Health 7/15 - Mighty Myokines 2/26 - Nutrient Timing 3/4 - Consistency over Perfection 3/11 - Combined Exercise and Nutrition 3/18 - Celebrating the Victories 3/25 - Nocturia: A Rude Awakening 4/1 - Processed Foods: Run Away as Fast as You Can 4/8 - Weight Loss Advice Doesn’t Work 4/15- Weight Loss Supplement Review 4/22 - Cold-Water Immersion and Muscle Growth 4/29 - EPT and Heart Rate Monitors 5/6 - Do Supplements Work? 5/13 - Crickets 5/20 - Beans - They’re Good for More Than Your Heart

  • Client of the Month | Elite Fitness

    client of the month June Nicholas U. is our June Client of the Month! Nicholas started training with EPT in February. He initially came in seeking help for ongoing lower back and hip pain. In the last few months, Nicholas has made tremendous improvements in his eating habits and physical fitness. His lower back and hip pain have both improved significantly, largely due to his consistency with at- home mobility exercises. Nicholas reports that he is in less pain after physical activities such as golf and basketball. Although Nicholas joined EPT looking to improve his back and hip symptoms, he also wanted to increase his overall strength and endurance. Check out his rapid progress in just a few short months: - Improved cardiovascular endurance - 10% increase in hamstring flexibility - 70% increase in balance - Plank: 1:24 -> 2:41 minutes - Leg Press: 270lbs -> 360lbs - Pullups: 5 -> 9 - Pushups: 20 -> 32 We could not be prouder of Nicholas and the monumental strides he has made. On top of all the progress, he is also a pleasure to have here at EPT. He has a positive attitude and always walks in the door highly motivated. Nicholas is truly a joy to train. Contributed by Nicholas’s trainer, Jon Kernaghan BS, ACE-CPT, CFNP | Elite Fitness ( check out our previous Star clients who have accomplished great work! Rick B. is our May Client of the Month! ​ We are delighted to recognize Rick B. as our Client of the Month! Despite significant health challenges, including a major back surgery and two shoulder replacements, he has shown extraordinary resilience and determination. ​ The recovery journey was long and hard, but Rick has now resumed normal activities that many of us take for granted. This is a testament to his unwavering commitment to health and well-being. ​ Rick is a bit different than other clients. He was seen as a physical therapy patient for approximately 2 years. In early 2024, he transitioned from therapy to personal training. Look at Rick’s improvement in just a few months: Single arm lat pull down at 50lbs -> to regular lat pull down at 115lbs No push-ups -> 15 incline push-ups Regained full range of motion in both shoulders During the summer, there are plenty of folks who would complain about cutting the grass. Not Rick. He’s thrilled to tackle the job. Rick went from needing a cane to walk around to now being able to cut the grass behind a push mower without any issues. ​ EPT applauds Rick’s attitude and achievements. He is proof that perseverance pays off. Great job Rick! Contributed by Rick’s trainer, Justin Glose BS, MS, ATC, NSCA-CSCS, CF | Elite Fitness ( Alyssa P. is our April Client of the Month! Alyssa joined EPT 8 months ago, shortly after having her beautiful son. She set out to improve her health and improve core strength to keep up with her busy job and family. ​ She is dedicated and hard working every session. Keeping up with prescribed home stretching has allowed us to continue to focus on proper form, strength and toning goals in the gym. In the last 8 months, Alyssa has accomplished: ​ 73% increase in core endurance -> 4:33 plank time! ​ 133% increase in leg press -> From 135lb to 315lb ​ 80% increase in upper body strength & endurance -> Push ups from 15 to 27 & Lat pull-down from 50lb to 80lb ​ Improvements in balance & flexibility -> 60% increase in balance time & 67% increase in back extension Alyssa highlights combined exercise and nutrition by keeping safe and sound eating habits. She utilizes nutrition recommendations from our health topics to make better decisions on use of supplemental bars and drinks and has improved her gut health as a result. Her accomplishments are very noticeable in her progress photos and muscle tone! We look forward to a continued partnership with Alyssa, keeping her in impeccable shape to enjoy her family. Contributed by Alyssa’s trainer, Lynette Jernigan BS, ASCS, CFS, NASM | Elite Fitness ( Denise F. is our March Client of the Month! Denise started with EPT in January of 2022. She is one of our most consistent clients and has not missed a scheduled session since November of 2023! Denise has set goals of losing weight and improving her overall health, both of which she has achieved! Here are some impressive accomplishments since the New Year: Weight down 20lbs Down 2 inches in waist circumference 3:00 plank Improved cardiovascular health ​ Denise has been doing a great job of demonstrating EPT’s 4 Cs: ​ Commitment – Denise trains 3x / week and regularly participates in virtual training if she can’t train in person. She also regularly goes for very long walks down the shore when she is not training. Consistency – Denise is one of our most consistent clients and very rarely cancels. In fact, she has made over 90% of her scheduled sessions! Combined Exercise and Nutrition – Denise has cleaned up her diet since the New Year and constantly engages with her trainer about her eating habits. She is always asking questions and is very receptive to our advice. Denise and her husband Joe are now meal prepping for their weekends at the Jersey shore and have cut out many unhealthy foods typically associated with the shore. Celebrate – Denise does a good job of sustaining a healthy-balanced lifestyle by celebrating the small victories when she should. Hearty congratulations to Denise for her hard work and dedication. She is an inspiration to everyone at ETP. Contributed by Denises’s trainer, Jon Kernaghan BS, ACE-CPT, CFNP | Elite Fitness ( Lynda A. is our February Client of the Month! ​ Lynda started at EPT in Oct 2021. If you’ve read our recent health topics, you’ll see she is the epitome of the 4 Cs. At EPT, we constantly refer to client partnership. Our role is to provide training that is safe, sound, scientific, and sustainable. In return, we ask our clients for the 4 Cs: Commitment, Consistency, Combined Exercise and Nutrition, and Celebration. Lynda has proven herself in all these areas, which makes her the ideal client to work with! Here are some of her impressive accomplishments: Decreased 3.75 inches in waist circumference Increased plank from 43s. -> 2:24s. 0 -> 12 pushups Leg press: 10 reps at 405 lbs. Lat pulldown 10 reps at 85 lbs Here is how Lynda demonstrates the 4 Cs: Commitment – She trains 4x/week and knows the consequences if she ever stops training. Consistency –When she is out of town, Lynda does virtual training. On days when she is not feeling well, she still makes it a priority to do some form of physical activity. That dedication is admirable. Combined Exercise and Nutrition – Lynda has participated in nutrition counseling at EPT. As a result, she has modified her eating habits to improve her health. Lynda is keenly interested in learning more about nutrition and how to adapt it to her lifestyle. Celebrate – Sometimes we beat ourselves up when we hit speed bumps on our journey. Lynda acknowledges these bumps but perseveres so that she can live a better, longer life. A big celebratory congratulations to Lynda. We appreciate your partnership with EPT and are delighted to recognize you as our Client of the Month for February 2024. Contributed by Lynda’s trainer, Amy Kha, BS, NASM-CPT, Pn1, CFNP Amy Kha BS, NASM-CPT, Pn1, CFNP | Elite Fitness ( Jordan Langsfeld is our January Client of the Month! Jordan started with EPT in April of 2021 and has been a dedicated client. Her goals coming into EPT were to increase strength and muscle tone. She has achieved all of her goals by leaps and bounds! In the last year alone, Jordan has accomplished: ​ 35% increase in leg press 45% increase in lat pulldown 15% increase in flexed bicep Over 2 minute plank on elevated, unstable surface Improved heart rate and recovery time What we want to highlight most with Jordan is her commitment to exercise and partnering with EPT. She has been consistent in her workouts through changing school schedules and has now committed to training three times per week! She takes EPT's expertise to heart and will be committing to nutrition counseling to further improve her health and wellness. We look forward to our long-term partnership with Jordan and will continue to help her achieve all of her exercise and nutrition goals! Contributed by Jordan’s trainer, Lynette Jernigan BS, ASCS, CFS, NASM-CPT & BCS, CFNP, CIMHP Lynette Jernigan BS, ASCS, CFS, NASM | Elite Fitness ( Miriam is our December 2023 Client of the Month! Miriam came to us a little over 2 years ago. Prior to training with EPT, she had received extensive physical therapy for myofascial pain, a chronic condition that causes pain in the musculoskeletal system. This pain is confined to a particular area and is typically associated with trigger points in muscles. Because pain was severely limiting her quality of life and because she was pre-diabetic, Miriam was very motivated to begin training. As a busy physician, also realized she needed to adjust her lifestyle. Fast forward to today. Not only has Miriam’s pain diminished, but she has also increased her overall strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance, and flexibility. A big component of getting results is merging training with nutrition management. All EPT trainers are Certified Functional Nutritionists, so Miriam received targeted nutrition counseling. She learned how nutrition, behaviors and habits influence the way we eat. Miram incorporated foundational principles that helped her change her eating habits and lifestyle. Miriam gives 110% at each session! Here are some of her accomplishments at EPT: Bodyweight Plank 5:05 25 lbs Plank 3:00 Pushups 32 Wall Sit 6:03 In addition to these accomplishments, Miriam has had some major wins in reducing inches in her waist circumference, lowering her HbA1c levels from pre-diabetic (5.7) to the normal range (5.2), and increasing her HDL (good cholesterol) to 100! At EPT there’s always lots of healthy competition for Client of the Month. Miriam is one of only 3 clients who have been recognized twice! Her first award was in August 2021. Miriam’s consistency and work ethic have earned her another well-deserved spot as our December 2023 Client of the Month. Contributed by Miriam’s trainer, Amy Kha, BS, NASM-CPT, Pn1, CFNP Amy Kha BS, NASM-CPT, Pn1, CFNP | Elite Fitness ( Bob Z. is our November Client of the Month! Bob is a 74-year-old Vietnam veteran who has been training with EPT for over a year. Initially, he came to us to help his lingering knee pain and to improve his overall fitness. ​ In the 15 months that Bob has been training with us, his strength, cardiovascular health, flexibility, balance and quality of life have increased substantially. Bob has improved his lower back pain to the point where he is now relatively pain free! He is one of our most consistent clients, participating in both in-person and virtual training! ​ Here’s a glimpse of Bob’s remarkable progress: ​ Back Extension: 8 -> 18 Leg Press: 135lbs -> 360lbs Lat Pulldown: 77.5lbs -> 115lbs Pushups: 15 -> 28 Plus 4 Body Weight Pullups! ​ It is incredible how much progress Bob has made at 74 years old. A common belief is that older adults can't make substantial physical progress. Not true. Bob is living proof that no matter your age, you can definitely make huge strides! ​ How many 74-year-olds do you know who can do a bodyweight pullup, let alone 4 of them? It is truly inspiring to see Bob crush it day in and day out! Bob’s physical fitness enables him to enjoy activities like golfing, umpiring youth baseball games, and tackling projects around the house. ​ Bob’s positive attitude makes it a pleasure to have him as an EPT client. We are happy to name him November’s client of the month! ​ Contributed by Bob's trainer, Jon Kernaghan, Jon Kernaghan BS, CE-CPT, CFNP | Elite Fitness ( Marie is our Client of the Month for October! ​ Marie has been training with EPT for a little over a year. She came to us because she had a mild case of low back pain and wanted to get back into her previous athletic shape. Marie’s goals at the initial evaluation were to increase strength and achieve muscle definition, especially in the lower extremities. She stressed that she wanted to “feel like an athlete again”. Through hard work, dedication, and consistency, these goals are becoming reality. Marie has made dramatic changes in strength, flexibility, and body composition. Here are her accomplishments so far: Sit and Reach 26 in. -> 32 in. Back Extension 9 in. -> 15 in. Plank 1:05 min. -> 3:04 min. Leg Press 95lbs -> 225lbs Push-ups 15 -> 33 Marie has altered her body’s shape and appearance. She is definitely more defined. Circumferential measurements taken at the recent re-evaluation show that she has built muscle mass and altered her body's appearance. Through training, Marie has greatly improved her cardiovascular endurance and cardiac health. She has also improved her resting HR and heart rate recovery. Now that Marie is pain free, stronger and in better shape, we have added more athletic and explosives to her exercise prescription! ​ Contributed by Marie's trainer, Chris Toland, Chris Toland BS, MS, CSCS, USAW1, CFNP | Elite Fitness ( Aimee is our September Client of the Month! ​ Aimee has been training with EPT for a year and a half. She lives out of state and can only train virtually. She is definitely a poster child for this type of training. If you’ve ever wondered about the effectiveness of virtual training, Aimee’s success should convince you. ​ Since her initial evaluation in March of 2022, Aimee has made outstanding progress in body composition. She has gained strength, increased endurance, improved her range of motion and reduced her patellofemoral pain. Anyone who attempts the following exercises knows they aren’t easy. Here are some of Aimee’s enviable achievements. She holds this year’s EPT record in several categories. Way to go, Aimee! Low Plank 10:03 - ↑503% Stability Ball Plank 3:08 - ↑25% Push Ups 50 - ↑257% Wall Sit 7:02 - ↑252% There truly isn’t an exercise that Aimee dislikes. She tackles them all with gusto. Aimee values the many benefits of health and wellness. She likes looking good and feeling good. This is why she shows up at every session ready to give 100%! With her work ethic, determination, and mindset, we can’t wait to see what she will accomplish next year. Fun fact: Aimee was our September 2022 Client of the Month. What a difference a year makes. How fitting that she is recognized as our September 2023 Client of the Month as well. Congratulations Aimee and keep up the great work! ​ Contributed by Aimee's trainer, Amy Kha, Amy Kha BS, NASM-CPT, Pn1, CFNP | Elite Fitness ( Peggy is our August Client of the Month! ​ Peggy began training with EPT in January of 2023. Her original goals were to lose weight and build muscle. We’ve seen another goal - to become the best version of herself. This unwavering desire comes shining through at every session. Through dedication and consistency, Peggy has made remarkable achievements in total strength, balance, and core stability. Look at these awesome percentages: Single leg balance increased by 70% Plank increased by 80% Leg press increased by 60% Lat pull-downs increased by 30% These achievements are a testament to Peggy’s relentless determination. Her commitment to personal fitness has not onely yielded tangible results. It has inspired those around her- trainers and clients alike. For her mental and physical growth, EPT is proud to recognize Peggy as our August Client of the Month. We know her grit and determination will take her to new heights. Suma is our July Client of the Month ​ Suma began training with Elite Personal Training in May 2022, when she came to us with a host of spinal issues. However, she did not let these issues get in the way of achieving her goals. ​ Suma shows up to every session with a huge smile. She radiates positivity. When Suma enters the clinic, her outgoing personality changes the atmosphere. Don’t let her small frame and big smile fool you; she is a warrior! Here are some impressive numbers taken at her most recent re-evaluation. Take note that her plank time tripled and her leg press stats almost tripled! Way to go, Suma! ​ Lost 3” on waist (9% decrease) Lost 9lbs (7% decrease) Plank time increased 280% from 1:04 to 3:00 minutes Leg Press increased 250% from 160lbs to 405lbs 5 Push ups from floor vs 0 when beginning Keep up the excellent work, Suma! You are an inspiration to all of us. We look forward to helping you achieve your next goal of becoming a lean, mean machine! Chelsea is our June Client of the Month! ​ Chelsea has been training with us since March 2023. After visiting numerous personal fitness websites, Chelsea chose EPT. She wanted results, and she got them very quickly. Her progress in a few short months has been nothing short of phenomenal. Chelsea lost 20 pounds, decreased her waist since by 5.5 inches and her hips size by 4 inches! These are major accomplishments. Any loss of visceral fat is life altering since visceral fat drives metabolic disease. Chelsea is now well on her way to better health. ​ Due to injuries from years as a competitive figure skater and a sedentary job, Chelsea wanted to get back in shape. Her primary goal was weight loss. She is one of EPT’s most dedicated clients. Chelsea has not missed a single session and never complains about difficult training routines. ​ Look at these additional accomplishments: Plank: 56s. -> 2:30 Leg press: 225 -> 270 Push-up: 9 on 30” box -> 2 from floor ​ Chelsea is committed to an active lifestyle. For example, on the 4th of July she went whitewater rafting. With improvements to her knee, ankle and foot issues, Chelsea enjoys walks with her pit bull mix. She also went hiking recently in Virginia. One new goal is to achieve one bodyweight pull-up. Will she do it? With her determination and positive attitude, there’s no doubt that Chelsea will achieve this goal and many others! Virginia R. is our May 2023 Client of the Month! ​ Ginny began in-person training with EPT in August 2022. For quite some time, she has dealt with a condition that caused her left leg to lack full extension, resulting in atrophy of her calf. Since training with us, Ginny has increased her left leg’s range of motion and has also begun building muscle back in her calf! Because of life’s challenges, Ginny uses exercise as a positive outlet and always feels better when she trains. She lights up a room just by walking in the door. Ginny’s enthusiasm is contagious. She is quick to compliment and encourage others. Ginny recently moved to Virginia to be closer to her son and grandchildren. We now train with Ginny virtually. Although it was an adjustment at first, Ginny continues to stay consistent and engaged. Now that’s dedication! Ginny’s goals included improving muscle mass, flexibility, and mental health – all of which she has achieved! Notice the improvement in her stats: Single Leg Stand 15s - 1:00 Plank 3:00 - 4:10 Lat Pulldown 65lbs - 85lbs Pushups (elevated) 15 reps - 26 reps EPT is not the only one to be impressed with Ginny’s accomplishments. Her doctor is impressed as well. Once she lowered her blood pressure, the doctor cut her medication dose in half. Way to go, Ginny. Ginny is the ideal client. She always wants to push the bar higher and expand her goals. We couldn’t be prouder of Ginny and her accomplishments. She is what EPT is all about! Janine R. is our April 2023 Client of the Month Janine has been training in-person at EPT since January 2023. Dealing with a multitude of debilitating medical conditions at a young age, she has confronted obstacles that would keep most of us on the sidelines. Not Janine. She doesn't give up. She perseveres! Despite her daily challenges, Janine has prioritized her health and has rearranged her schedule so that training at EPT comes first. She is dedicated to training 3x per week. Janine never knows how she's going to feel from day to day, yet she always walks through our doors ready to do her best. This effort pays off because she always feels better after working out. Janine's goals include getting stronger, increasing stamina, and becoming more functional in daily movements. Dealing with various disorders and chronic illness, she aims to get back to living a more normal life with less discomfort. Let’s look at her progress in just three months: Thigh 15" > 17.5" Leg Press Not able to perform > 135lbs Lat Pulldown 40lbs > 55lbs Pushups 20 (incline barbell) > 40 (incline barbell) Sit & Reach 5.5" > 15" Step Test Not able to perform > 3:00 Results like these have boosted Janine’s confidence and increased her motivation. With such a strong commitment to self-care, we know that brighter days and better health are within her reach. Janine, your positive attitude is an inspiration. We applaud your progress so far and look forward to seeing even more achievements. Keep up the great work! Vince G. is our March 2023 Client of the Month Vince has been training virtually at EPT since June 2022. He has a very demanding job as a DOD Program Manager, but that hasn’t stopped him from consistently training twice weekly. He always brings an enthusiastic attitude no matter how tired he may be from work stress. Knowing that he feels more energized after a workout motivates Vince to keep attending his virtual sessions. Vince’s goals for training have been to increase lean muscle mass, improve strength and prioritize health. He admits he never enjoyed exercise before and always avoided it. Not now. Vince is confident in his ability to maintain a routine and enjoys pushing himself to new heights. Let’s look at some truly impressive increases: Leg Press 230lbs > 495lbs Lat Pulldown 77.5lbs > 122.5lbs Pushups 16 (regular) > 30 (bosu instability disc) Sit & Reach 4.5in > 22.75in Balance :17 (dyna disc) > 3:00 (dyna disc) With results like these, there’s no turning back for Vince. He’s established a virtual workout routine that is healthy and manageable, and he is dedicated to sticking with it. Vince, congratulations on your hard work. It's paid off. You demonstrate what can be attained through diligence and consistency. We know there will be even more achievements, and EPT will be there cheering you on! Janine is our February 2023 client of the month! ​ Janine has been training at EPT since September 2021. She has never missed a single session. This dedicated client tackles everything with an amazing “can-do” attitude. Obstacles don’t defeat Janine –they challenge her. Janine’s programs fluctuate between high intensity interval training and bodybuilding. No matter if she’s engaged in circuit training or lifting heavy weights, Janine is always one of the hardest workers in the room. Most clients relish their breaks. Not Janine. She detests rest intervals and would rather keep working. Despite serious health setbacks this past year, Janine has persevered and emerged stronger and more resilient. Take a look at her progress: Leg Press 95lbs > 275lbs Lat Pulldown 50lbs > 85lbs Pushup 13 (on knees) > 14 (full reps on feet) Arms Increased 1.25 inches Waist Decreased 5 inches Hips Increased 2.5 inches Janine has also been one of our most compliant clients regarding nutrition. After several weeks of nutrition counseling with her trainer, Janine switched to eating 3 meals of whole food per day with healthy, sustainable snacks in between. She also improved her supplement regimen and feels the best she has in years! Great job, Janine. It is an absolute pleasure to witness your hard work pay off. Keep on your path to success! Dan is our January 2023 client of the month! ​ Dan has been training at EPT since June 2022. A retired Marine Corps Advisor, Dan works full-time as a police detective and a member of the SWAT team. Between two active teenagers and taking jiu-jitsu twice a week, you’d think Dan would be busy enough. Yet he is dedicated to training at EPT. Dan’s areas of focus include injury prevention, cardiovascular health and strength training. One of Dan’s original goals was “bullet-proofing” his back. The frequency of his back issues has diminished, plus Dan has improved fitness metrics across the board. Here are some great examples: Sit & Reach 0”-> 17” Back Extensions 10”->20” Leg Press 360lbs->545lbs Lat Pull-Down 160”->190lbs Training with EPT keeps Dan in tip-top shape for a very important and demanding job – keeping the public safe. Dan, thank you for your service on the job and your work ethic in the gym! We appreciate you. It’s a pleasure to train someone so motivated. Congratulations on your success. We know you’ll keep on crushing your goals! Nick is our December 2022 client of the month! ​ Nick has been training at EPT since June of 2022. Nick had a sedentary lifestyle and the demanding operational management role in his family business. He came to us initially looking to improve his overall health, decrease body fat, and increase lean muscle mass. The quality of his life literally depended on achieving these goals since his hemoglobin A1c level was 6.7 – full-blown diabetic. ​ Nick has since committed to training at EPT 3x/week, and despite his demanding schedule, has been as consistent as they come! Due to his incredible work ethic, motivation, and drive to improve his health, Nick has accomplished a life-altering feat of having lowered his hemoglobin A1C into a normal range to a 5.6! ​ He's also lost 15lbs along his journey in a very sustainable manner, coming in at just under 200lbs! One of Nick's best qualities is his ability to heed advice and take action. We are so excited for your progress Nick, and it's been such a pleasure having you as part of our family at EPT! Keep crushing your goals as we partner together to improve the quality of your life and extend your longevity. Ilene is our November 2022 client of the month! ​ Ilene has been training with us at Elite Personal Training since February of 2022. Since then, she has trained 3 times every week and hasn’t missed one session. She is one of our hardest working clients and never shies away from a challenge. Let’s look at what all that hard work has done for her over the past 9 months: ​ Leg Press – 120lbs -> 425lbs Lat Pull-Down – 50lbs -> 80lbs Push Ups – 20 incline on barbell -> 15 on the ground (YES REAL PUSH UPS!) But it doesn’t stop there, her measurement changes are even better! Weight - down 8.8lbs Arms - increase 1" - 10.5" -> 11.5" Chest - decreased 3" Waist - decreased 3.5" Hips - increased 2" These numbers tell us that while Ilene lost a healthy 8.8lbs in 9 months, she gained a tremendous amount of muscle in her arms and butt. Way to go Ilene, you’re an inspiration to all of us! Eshowe is our October 2022 client of the month! ​ Eshowe, otherwise known as Eppy, began training with us in February 2022 due to an encouraging push by her son and just like anyone else was apprehensive about starting exercise. After a few months of consistency, she grew more comfortable with an exercise routine and now even looks forward to coming to each session. Since then, she has decreased her waist circumference by 4 inches and dropped about 6 lbs. ​ One of the main goals she wanted to improve was her balance because her vision is very impaired. She went from a 5s. modified tandem stand to now almost 3 minutes! She also went from a 45s. incline plank to now almost 2 minutes! So not only has her balance improved but so has her strength which is extremely important because did I mention Eppy is over 90 years old!? Wow, it's amazing to see such progress at this stage in her life. I think it's safe to say we all want to be like Eppy when we're her age! Aimee T. is our September 2022 client of the month! ​ She began training with us in March 2022. Because she lives out-of-state, Aimee trains virtually. Can this be done? Yes, it can. Aimee was initially skeptical about getting results without any equipment or in-person guidance. After the initial evaluation, EPT discussed ways to accommodate virtual training and sent her a box of equipment. In just six weeks, Aimee made remarkable progress. Thanks to a creative and flexible trainer, regular attendance, an enthusiastic attitude, and impeccable eating habits, Aimee dropped 14 lbs and decreased her waist circumference by 2.5 inches. In addition, she improved her strength and endurance by going from 0 to 28 pushups with good form and increased her plank from just under 2 minutes to over 7 minutes! Awesome. ​ Aimee comes to every session ready and eager to train. She’s game for every exercise thrown at her (even planks)! Joe F. is our August 2022 client of the month! ​ Joe consistently trains three times per week at EPT and comes into every session with an amazing attitude and outlook on training. He begins every session eager to initiate his warm-ups and tackle the workout. Joe has improved his performance in the following ways: Lat Pulldown increase from 115 pounds to 145 pounds; DB Bench Press increase from 60 pounds to 100 pounds; and Leg Press increase from 360 pounds to 450 pounds. Joe is also looking to further improve his health and fitness. He will begin to learn safe and sustainable ways to enhance his nutrition. This will help to supplement all the amazing progress he’s made with exercise. Keep kicking butt Joe! Bill F. is our July 2022 client of the month! Bill began training with us in February 2022 and has been trending in the right direction ever since. He trains three times per week virtually via Facetime and the results have been staggering. Not only does he show up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but he gets there early, ready to take on every challenge thrown at him. Here is how far he’s come in a short 4 months: - Lost over 20lbs - Decreased hip size by 2 inches - Decreased waist size by 3 inches - Increased Leg Press from 130lbs to 450lbs - Increased Push Ups from 3 to 12 unbroken Keep up the great work Bill. The sky is the limit! Martha P. is our June 2022 client of the month! In light of June being her birthday month, Martha recently accomplished her 63rd birthday challenge. This included: 63 reps of 63 lbs. on the leg press, 63s. on the plank wheel, 63s. tandem stand, 63s. of step-ups, 63 pilates, and 63 mountain climbers! Her strength, range of motion, and balance have progressed tremendously since she first started at EPT. Most importantly, she has gained so much confidence in herself and her fitness journey taking it one day at a time! ​ You're doing a GREAT job Martha, keep going strong! Jackie H is our May 2022 client of the month! Like most of our clients, Jackie came in with goals that she wanted to get accomplished. Her primary goal was to lose fat and her secondary goal was to take care of her health. Jackie accomplished both of her goals and more! She is currently down more than 10 lbs, at peak athletic performance, and although she refuses to admit it, she has made major improvements in aspects of her health and fitness that she deemed impossible. Her commitment, perseverance, and discipline are what makes Jackie the ideal candidate for the Client of the Month. Don’t back down now! Keep the ball rolling! Sid is our April 2022 client of the month! Sid originally came to EPT to rehabilitate his surgically constructed patellar tendon. After his successful rehab, we transitioned him into an individualized personal training and weight management program. Sid went from ambulating with a knee brace and 2 crutches to jogging and becoming an unstoppable force at our fitness studio. He has lost over 50lbs since first beginning personal training and can easily deadlift over 200lbs. As a father of 2 and a doctor by profession, he never lets anything get in the way of him bringing 1000% effort every time trains at EPT. Way to go, Sid, keep up the excellent work Randy M. is our March 2022 client of the month! Randy is by far the most committed client we have at Elite. Since he started, he has not missed a single session and it shows! His hard work and motivation is something to be envied. He has lost over 2 inches in his waist, increased his flexibility and balance (~12s to ~3min for Single leg stands) , and increased strength (1’40” to 6’ for planks and 18 reps to 25 reps for pushups). Not only did his performance metrics improve, but aesthetically, he looks like he could wrestle a bull! Keep up the great work Randy! Janice G. is our February 2022 client of the month! Since Janice started training at EPT, she gives it her all at every session! Proper training and form technique can be difficult but she is always looking to see how she can improve and be better. She is not only motivated but disciplined and this shows in her improvement of her plank time going from 1 minute to 5 and a half minutes! She not only has a strong mental mindset, but also has been able to improve her overall strength, flexibility, balance, and also decrease her waist circumference. Keep up the great work Janice (our pb&j queen), we can’t wait to see what you accomplish next! Lauren is our January 2022 client of the month! Lauren has been training with us for a few months and came in with the goal of obtaining a manageable exercise pattern so that she could gain muscle and live a longer life. She’s previously played several different sports, has an extremely strong work ethic, and is always up for a challenge. Her endurance and stamina are remarkable to watch because she was able to increase her 2-minute plank to over 10:30minutes! Her upper body strength has improved tremendously from not being able to do 1 pullup to doing 4 and also increasing her pushups 5-fold from 5 to 25! Not only has Lauren been progressing in all areas of fitness, but she is also seeing more muscle definition than she ever had before! Keep up the great work Lauren, we can’t wait to see what goals you crush next! Duncan Is Our December 2021 Client of the Month! Duncan has been training with us for just a little more than one year and he is our first client to be the Client of the Month for a second time and this is well deserved! Duncan has been faithfully training three times per week and gives maximum effort and focus each and every session. Duncan not only trains hard but has also established excellent and sustainable eating patterns. What is the result of Duncan’s effort and hard work? He has lost 20 pounds, packed on muscle, improved his flexibility, and has achieved 13.7% body fat. This percentage of body fat would be incredible for any individual, at any stage of life, but this is mind-boggling for a man in his sixth decade of life. He has absolutely crushed his goals of feeling and looking younger. To celebrate his newfound health and fitness level, Duncan celebrated his 66th birthday by doing the following: 66 push-ups 66 sit ups 66 pull-ups 66 second plank The entire EPT is both proud of Duncan and thrilled for his success and we look forward to where the next year will take him! Steve is our November 2021 client of the month! ​ Steve has only been training with us for 2 months and has made great strides in improving his strength, flexibility, and endurance. Not only has he trimmed down inches in his waist, but he also dropped 35+ lbs in weight, reducing his overall body fat percentage. Being able to rep out pushups was one of his goals, and he has since increased it from 2 to 30! Steve realizes the importance of flexibility because when he first came to us, he could barely touch his toes. Now, with proper stretching, he's touching them with no problem! You can call Steve a plank master because he first started out with a 31s. plank and now can hold over a 6-minute plank and 2:22 minutes with 100lbs on his back! ​ Steve not only works hard in his training but also with his nutrition which combined, has given him tremendous results. Amazing work, Steve, we can't wait to see what goals you crush next! ​ Rachel is our October 2021 client of the month! October is breast cancer awareness month, and our client Rachel, has kicked it in the butt. Not only did she overcome breast cancer, but she has made remarkable progress in under 4 months. She’s been smashing her goals by building overall body strength and was able to kill it in her recent spartan race! She specifically wanted to build upper body strength and went from only being able to do 5 pushups to now 20 and can hold a plank for over 9-minutes! Rachel also mentioned she wanted a bigger butt and now she’s able to hip thrust almost 2 times her body weight! Her energy level, balance, and eating habits also have notable improvements. Rachel shows resilience and pushes herself mentally and physically whenever she’s here training. Now that’s the definition of a hard worker! We are excited to see what else Rachel can accomplish! Matt is our September 2021 client of the month! Matt has been training with us for 7 months. Matt has been making stellar improvements in his weight loss, strength gain and energy levels! He has lost 16 pounds and 5 inches off of his waist. Not only that, he went from barely squeezing out 2 push ups to doing a complex push up matrix with a 14 pound weight vest on! His dedication and hard work paid dividends toward his health and it has shows. I am excited to see what the future has in store for Matt. If he keeps up what he’s doing now, I am sure he will see even greater improvements! ​ Keep up the great work! Miriam is our August 2021 client of the month! Miriam had been receiving physical therapy for her myofascial cervical pain prior to training here. Having myofascial cervical pain limited her quality of life and she wasn't able to enjoy the activities she used to do. She found us because she wanted to make some lifestyle adjustments to improve her symptoms. Miriam has been training at our studio for about 3 months. Her overall training has helped improve her symptoms by training the muscles around the area so not one muscle is overcompensating and because of this, she has not had any flare-ups since. In addition to improving her symptoms, she has been able to increase her strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance, and flexibility. Miriam is an ideal client to work with because she puts her best effort in and pushes hard each session! She’s proven this with a 6 minute and 3-second wall squat! Keep up the great work Miriam, we cannot wait to see what goals you crush next! Angela is our July 2021 client of the month! Angela found us because she wanted to train at a place that understood her knee. Having malalignment of her patellas, it limited her quality of life and she was afraid of doing any sort of movement. Since working with her, she has made huge strides, figuratively and literally, toward bettering her health and quality of life. Angela is the perfect client that embodies the notion of little wins leading to big wins. From being afraid of bending her knees, to being comfortable enough to train, to her having the confidence to not allow her knees to dictate her life. Angela’s journey is just beginning, but if she continues to build confidence and display the effort she has up to this point, she will continue making improvements. ​ Angela was able to lower her blood sugar levels from pre-diabetic ranges to completely normal ranges! We are so excited that Angela chose us to help her achieve her goals! Keep up the great work!!! George is our June 2021 client of the month! ​ George has been training at our fitness studio since the beginning of April. He started after having surgery on the cartilage of his knee. George played multiple sports and has been extremely athletic throughout his life but noticed more recently poor dietary habits and declining exercise levels started making a difference in how he looked and felt. George’s persistence and hard work has paid off very quickly. In less than two months he has lost 32 pounds of body fat and has accumulated more muscle mass and tone. George has lowered his cholesterol and blood sugar levels to normal ranges and is getting off of his blood pressure medicine. He has lost inches off his belly, increased his flexibility, improved his cardiovascular fitness and reports looking and feeling better. Looking forward to continuing to partner together in your health and wellness journey to reach future goals! Great job – keep up the great work! Lynette is our May 2021 client of the month! She has been training with us for 4 months and has proven day in and day out that hard work triumphs. Being a combat athlete, Lynette requires strength, power, endurance, coordination, and technique to be successful in her sport. It is a tall order, but her determination and desire to get better drives her to surpass her limits every session. ​ In addition to may other "wins", Lynette has lost an amazing 5 inches off her waist ! Drive, enthusiasm and talent are all traits an athlete must have to be successful in both training and their sport. Good thing for Lynette, she has all three! Let’s keep it going! Duncan is our April 2021 client of the month! Duncan has been training at our fitness studio 3 times per week since October 2020. He trains extremely hard each and every session! Duncan has made incredible improvement in his strength, balance, muscular endurance and flexibility. He has lost 10 pounds, reduced his waist size by 3 inches and has significantly improved his muscular body composition. Moreover, Duncan reports simply just feeling much healthier since training at EPT&FS. We look forward to working together to achieve future goals. Great job Duncan! Keep up the great work! Karen is our March 2021 client of the month! Karen has been training at our fitness studio for 6 weeks. She is awesome to work with! Karen has a great sense of humor and consistently demonstrates a great work ethic. In 6 short weeks, Karen has dropped 1 clothing size, gotten off of blood pressure medicine and made significant gains in her muscle tone and coordination. We are super excited to partner with her to help her achieve her fitness and health goals! Ruth is our February 2021 client of the month! Ruth has been training with us for about 3 weeks now and she has been what most would call an ideal client. She is motivated, determined, and gives her 100% every time she comes through our door. Proper training is difficult, but Ruth does not let that slow down her progress. She has made great improvement in her balance, body strength, and rotator cuff stability while training with us. Ruth has been a pleasure to train and because of her work ethic, we are confident she will make great progress! Mark is our January 2021 client of the month! Mark is the epitome of hard work and perseverance. At the ripe age of 63, he has done a 15-minute plank! Most people, even young 20 year olds with testosterone coming out of their ears, could not achieve this feat. Awesome job Mark! Keep up the great work! Randy is our December 2020 client of the month! He busts his butt every training session and has progressed to some pretty high-end activities. Check him out in this video! Awesome job Randy! Keep up the great work!

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